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Blog Posts in 2016

Tips for Bringing Children to a Chinese Restaurant

Even children who are normally well-behaved can feel stressed in the unfamiliar environment of a Chinese restaurant. Not only is the food dramatically different than anything they have tried before, ...
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Gou Bu Li Bao Zi - A Tianjin Specialty in San Francisco

A quality of any great restaurant is a love and respect for traditional dishes and recipes. Those recipes, weather followed to a tee or used as inspiration for a new dish, can help restaurants use ...
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Getting to Know Dongpo Pork

If you have a passion for Asian cuisine and have visited a high-end Zhejiang restaurant, you may have heard of or tasted Dong Po pork. This is not a dish on every menu, as its complexity and richness ...
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Dan Dan Noodles - A Sichaun Speciality

Some people love Chinese food based on their Americanized perception of the cuisine. Favorites might include Chop suey, General Tso's chicken, and Mongolian beef. Yet, those who crave authentic ...
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Peking Duck vs. Donald Duck - Infographic

Peking Duck is one of the world's most iconic dishes, dating back all the way to the early 14th century and the Yuan Dynasty. But can Peking Duck lay claim to the title of "world's most ...
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Business Over Dim Sum: Corporate Catering in San Francisco

Cater your next business event in San Francisco with dim sum from Chili House SF. With a standard of Chinese cooking excellence fit for a president, your guests and employees will be impressed with ...
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Kung Pao Chicken

One of the popular dishes available at any Chinese restaurant is Kung Pao Chicken. While generally associated with Westerners and the "westernized" Chinese cuisine, story of its origin can ...
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Tips for Pairing Drinks with Chinese Food

Chinese food is often rich, soft, and spicy, but it's also incredibly diverse. The beverage accompanying it can make or break the meal. To enjoy the full flavor of the food and fully appreciate ...
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Getting to Know Chinese Pancakes

Aside from the dishes we are most known for, like our famous Peking Duck and Dim Sum, here at Chili House we strive to serve the widest range of authentic Chinese dishes. One of our personal favorites ...
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The History of Peking Duck - an Authentic Delicacy

One of the most wonderful and fascinating aspects of the culinary arts is the history behind each and every dish we enjoy. From the four course meals at Michelin Star-rated restaurants to the every ...
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