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  • How to Eat Dumplings Like a Pro
    Soup dumplings are an essential part of any Chinese meal, but not everyone knows what they are or how to eat them. The bite-sized food consists of a shell made from dough, which can come from several ...
  • 10 Underrated Activities to Try on a Trip to San Francisco
    If you're from out of town and planning a trip here to San Francisco, you could be among the nearly 69,000 people that visit the City by Bay each day. Tourism in San Francisco brings in ...
  • Gou Bu Li Bao Zi - A Tianjin Specialty in San Francisco
    A quality of any great restaurant is a love and respect for traditional dishes and recipes. Those recipes, weather followed to a tee or used as inspiration for a new dish, can help restaurants use ...
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  • How to Serve & Eat Peking Duck
    At Chili House SF, we take a huge amount of pride in our Peking Duck. Our duck is always made fresh for patrons and never re-heated or pre-cooked. Our servers carve the duck, crispy and fresh, right ...
  • How to Throw a Chinese-Inspired Dinner Party
    Dinner parties are popular all over the world, because they perfectly combine the pleasure of great friends and food with the comfort of your own home. If you're looking for a new angle for your ...
  • Tips for Bringing Children to a Chinese Restaurant
    Even children who are normally well-behaved can feel stressed in the unfamiliar environment of a Chinese restaurant. Not only is the food dramatically different than anything they have tried before, ...
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