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Our Guests

Showing Traditional Chinese Hospitality

Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a meal at a restaurant where you are guaranteed the best service? If you visit Chili House SF, we promise to blow you away with our attentiveness and service. At our restaurant, we honor the traditions of our culture. Confucius once said of the hospitality of the Chinese, "How happy to have friends from far away!" In China, every guest is treated with kindness and respect.

Pres. Deng Xiaoping & Yang Shangkun
President Hu Jintao
Foreign Minister Qian Qichen
Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan
Vice President Wu Yi
Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing
Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
Consulate General Wang Yunxiang
Vice Minister Wang Guangya

From our plentiful portions to our observant service, we seek to extend to you the same kind of generous care and hospitality you would expect as a visitor in a home in China. When you visit us at Chili House SF, you can expect the friendliest, most courteous, and sincerest service. We have extensive experience serving all sizes of groups for all sorts of occasions. In fact, over the course of our executive chef's illustrious career, he has even served dishes to Chinese presidents and foreign ministers.

Some of the prominent men Chef Han has served include:

  • Chinese Presidents Deng Xiaoping, Yang Shangkun, and Hu Jintao
  • Chinese Vice President Wu Yi
  • Foreign Ministers of the People's Republic of China Qian Qichen, Tang Jiaxuan, Li Zhaoxing, Yang Jiechi, and Wang Guangya

Enjoy the best service in town today!

Whether you eat our cuisine at a corporate meeting or just swing by yourself to pick up take-out, you can count on helpful, polite service. From eating at our restaurant while out and about in the neighborhood or whether we cater for your wedding, you can expect the same kind of dedication and attention to detail. For a savory Chinese dish and the best service in town, stop by by 726 Clement Street, San Francisco today.

We take reservations by phone at (415) 387-2658!

Call (415) 387-2658 for reservations or reserve online at Open Table

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Phone: (415) 387-2658

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