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Seafood Recommendations

  • Basil Clams $15.95 Stir-fried whole clams with basil in chef’s special sauce.
  • Spicy Clams $18.95 Stir fried clams with chef’s hot and spicy sauce.
  • Steamed Scallops with Garlic $18.95
  • Kung Pao Prawns$15.95
  • Prawns stir-fried with bell peppers and onions in our special spicy Kung Pao sauce topped with roasted peanuts. Choices of Scallops or Squid are available.
  • Szechuan Poached Chicken with Flaming Chili Oil $13.95
  • Boiled chicken in our chef’s special hot chili oil.
  • Szechuan Poached Beef w/ Flaming Chili Oil $13.95 Beef or Lamb in Szechuan hot chili oil. Choice of finest Beef or Lamb for additional $2 are available.
  • Silky Tofu with Beef or Lamb $16.95 Beef or Lamb sauteed with tofu in our chef’s special spicy sauce.
  • Pork Chop with Explosive Chili Pepper $13.95 Crispy fried Pork Chop sauteed with fried dried chili peppers.
  • Szechuan Poached Pork with Flaming Chili Oil $13.95 Boiled pork in our chef’s szechuan style hot chili oil.
  • Pickled Fish Soup S-$8.95 M-$10.95 L-$12.95
  • Pickled Fish Clay Pot $16.95 Fish fillet boiled in our traditional Szechuan pickled mustard broth with tofu.
  • Sour Beef Clay Pot $15.95
  • Beef or Lamb boiled in our traditional Szechuan pickled mustard broth with tofu.
  • Pickled Pork Clay Pot $13.95 Sliced pork with Chinese pickled cabbage in traditional Szechuan broth in a clay pot. Choices of Beef or Lamb for additional $2 are available.
  • Hot Spicy Chicken Pot $12.95 Chicken sauteed with hot peppers and our spicy sauce in a mini flaming pot.
  • Braised Whole Catfish with Bean Chili Paste & Noodles $29.95
  • Szechuan Chili Pepper with Pork $12.95
  • Stir fried pork with peppers in our special spicy sauce.
  • Szechuan Twice Cooked Pork $12.95 Pork slices sauteed with cabbage and leek in Szechuan chili bean sauce.
  • Twice Cooked Pork with Tofu$12.95 Pork slices sauteed with cabbage, bell peppers,& black bean in spicy sauce.<
  • Szechuan Spicy Chicken $8.95
  • Couple’s Delight. $8.95
  • Sliced beef, beef tripe and beef tendon in our chef’s special chili sauce.
  • Spicy Beef Tendon $8.95
  • Pork with Spicy Garlic Sauce $8.95
  • Szechuan Spicy Pickled Cabbage $7.95

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