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Chinese Food Catering for San Francisco

Do you have a big occasion coming up? Are you worried about feeding multiple mouths? Chili House SF can help you make sure your event is successful by ensuring that the food you serve is a crowd-pleaser. When you have a large occasion to cater for-from a business meeting to a wedding to a baby shower-we understand how difficult it is to book a company that provides both exceptional food and service.

At Chili House SF, we can cater our flavorful dishes to family parties or banquets with a guest list of up to 100 people. You can also look into renting out our restaurant for any party of your choosing. Our head chef has been serving authentic and mouth-watering Chinese dishes since 1988. Whether you like spicy Szechuan food or Mandarin style dim sum, Chili House SF is known for providing some of the best Chinese menu options in San Francisco. We have earned national acclaim for our Chinese fusion of distinct Asian cuisine!

Chili House SF: Something for Everyone

Whether you prefer popular Chinese dishes (such as egg rolls, pot stickers, and orange chicken) or if you want to go off the beaten-path with Szechuan chili pepper with pork, we pride ourselves on providing dishes that will agree with anyone’s palette. If you have trouble with spice, we provide several milder dishes. We also provide delicious vegetable and tofu dishes for vegetarians / vegans, as well as those looking for lighter fare.

We are proud to cater for any occasion:

  • Office Lunches
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Any Types of Parties
  • Indoor & Outdoor Weddings
  • Special Events

By arranging catering with us, your event is sure to be a big hit with friends, family members, or co-workers.

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