Authentic Chinese Dishes Served At San Francisco’s Best Chinese Restaurants

Han Lijun

Aside from pizza, Chinese cuisine is among the most popular food items among Americans. While most favor it because of its availability and filling servings, discerning Chinese visitors tend to not be as easily satisfied. Featured in China Daily USA are the sentiments of those looking for genuine taste from authentic Chinese food:

There are many differences between authentic Chinese cuisine and Westernized Chinese food. From ingredients to cooking methods to popular dishes, the differences are numerous. In general, Westernized Chinese food is considered to be more bland and fattening than authentic Chinese food.

While you can likely find authentic Chinese restaurants or authentic dishes in restaurants around the country, most U.S. Chinese restaurants offer Westernized Chinese food. While Westernized dishes are far removed from the authentic dishes they once were, some Western Chinese food dishes are actually a complete invention!

In almost every country, the Chinese have successfully managed to establish their own neighborhoods, selling delicacies and products unique to them. It’s no wonder, then, that Chinese folks missing the food back home turn to local establishments inspired by Chinese dishes to satiate their cravings.

Culturally-diverse cities like San Francisco, California, in particular, is home to many Chinese restaurants, and there is certainly no shortage of options, authentic or otherwise.

It is with this fact in mind that those who are looking for the best dim sum in San Francisco can rest easy, knowing that there are a variety of choices for them to try out. Especially because of the growing clamor for more authentic cooking, Chinese cuisine fans can further enjoy what they’re looking for, particularly in restaurants keen on serving nothing but authentic Chinese food, like Chili House SF.

Not only are these restaurants improving their knowledge of authentic Chinese cuisine further, they are also expanding their services, now also providing delectable Chinese food catering serves. Now that’s a most convenient way of enjoying the famed American take-out choice on a bigger scale.

Those in San Francisco should consider themselves lucky, if only for the colorful diversity in cultures present in their city, giving them access to all the best kinds of dishes known in the world.

(Snippet Source: Differences Between Authentic Vs. Westernized Chinese Food ,, June 2013)

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