Authentic Taste: How To Find The Best Chinese Food In San Francisco

Han Lijun

Good food is one of the things people from all parts of the world can all agree upon. In the United States, especially in key cities like Washington and San Francisco, among others, Chinese food has made a niche over the years, although some sectors have something to say about the menu being offered by these restaurants.

An article by China Daily USA stated that local Chinese visiting the US were not very pleased when it came to the authenticity of the dishes in these so-called Chinese restaurants:

But most Chinese restaurants in Washington, like in other US cities, are simply not authentic Chinese. They’re Americanized despite some efforts to please the taste buds from China.

For Ling, the Chinese restaurants in the US are just not up to mainland standards. “It seems that one sauce has been used for all dishes,” she said.

“It’s a huge distortion of Chinese culinary culture,” said Ling, who, when back in Shanghai, likes to frequent new restaurants.

These comments coming from a Chinese native may very well serve as a guide for people who are searching for the best Chinese food in San Francisco . For one to enjoy the best Chinese food in town, authenticity should be the main barometer when choosing among the many different restaurants within the city.

The Value of Authenticity

The article also mentioned how Americans have grown to love the brand of Chinese food that are usually served by restaurants, which could be attributed to the fact that the chefs have already tweaked them to suit the American taste. Essentially, if you want to enjoy Chinese food at its best, you need to go for something that is really Chinese through and through, or else, you may only be eating something that is part-Chinese.

A Search to Be Rewarded

Though people may easily fall into the temptation of settling for the first restaurant they see that has the word “Chinese” on their signage, practicing more patience in your search will be rewarded with exceptional taste and more.

There are still a number of restaurants offering authentic Chinese food in San Francisco like Chili House SF, which use not only fresh ingredients but also prepare the food the traditional way. Dining in these restaurants will provide a taste of how food in China really is, which is the end-goal of enjoying fine Chinese cuisine.

(Source: “Chinese Visitors: America needs more real Chinese food,” China Daily USA, March 19, 2014)

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