Business Over Dim Sum: Corporate Catering In San Francisco

Cater your next business event in San Francisco with dim sum from Chili House SF. With a standard of Chinese cooking excellence fit for a president , your guests and employees will be impressed with your great taste!

Dim sum is a culinary tradition dating back thousands of years to the ancient Silk Road in China. Tea houses popped up all along the long trail, catering to weary travelers in need of rest. These tea houses would offer bite-sized snacks along with their teas. These bite sized snacks were intended to lift spirits. or “touch the heart” as the translation of “dim sum” from Chinese to English suggests.


From our delicious BBQ pork buns to our savory shrimp dumplings, dim sum is a perfect option for catering business luncheons or brunches, especially in San Francisco. Our dim sum catering services will warm the spirits of your clients and guests just as the tea houses of the Silk Road did many centuries ago.

If you would like to discuss a catering plan and receive a quote for a business or corporate dim sum event from Chili House, please use the form at the top of this page , or call (415) 691-4599!

We can plan the meal and make recommendation based on group size, the type of event, and any other information you provide. Try Chili House dim sum catering for San Francisco today!

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