Chinese Food Catering For Your Event: Maximize Its Health Benefits

Han Lijun

Chinese cuisine has had a long history. However, many people often take the health benefits of Chinese food for granted, thinking that no food that delicious is good for the body. The staff lists down some of the basic ingredients in Chinese food that offer health advantages.

The first on the list is ginger, which is a popular tool in Eastern medicine and known to relieve nausea and stimulate appetite. Another common component in Chinese meals is tofu. This is a great way for people to add protein to their diet without actually consuming meat, one of the primary sources for protein. Tofu is well-known for its bone-building calcium. Cabbage, particularly the Bok Choy variety, is also a staple in Chinese cuisine, and it offers the benefit of immunity-strengthening vitamins like A and C.

With these benefits, those who have events coming up will be making a wise choice if they go with a Chinese food catering service for their special occasion in San Francisco, especially if the guests expected are health-conscious individuals who are active in outdoor activities or workout programs. However, there are ways to maximize the health advantages of Chinese food without sacrificing its sumptuous taste. Here are a few tips:

Encourage the use of chopsticks

Using chopsticks to consume the meals instead of standard utensils allows people to take in smaller portions. A study from the Cornell University revealed that using chopsticks helped people slow down. As a result, people will be able to savor the meals more.

Choose the sauces well

For people to fully cherish what dim sum in San Francisco can offer to their palate, they have to add a few drops of Chinese staple sauces like sweet and sour sauce. However, some healthier alternatives which generate the same effect are oyster sauce and hoisin sauce.

Go for steamed, poached, roasted, and barbecued varieties.

The amazing thing about Chinese cuisine is that there are several ways to prepare them. Some popular dishes are breaded or fried like Crispy Garlic Flavor Prawns. However, you should consider healthier but equally delicious options like Kung Pao (roasted) prawns or chicken, steamed scallops with garlic, or steamed Chinese cabbage with garlic, all of which are offered at Chinese restaurants like Chili House SF.

In San Francisco where the largest Chinatown outside of Asia is located, choosing Chinese food for a special event is a natural choice. However, people shouldn’t forget that these meals offer countless health benefits, and there are countless ways to make the most of them.

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