Chinese Restaurants In San Francisco Let You Relish Umami Naturally

Han Lijun

Have you always believed that MSG is bad for your health? Scientists at the American Chemical Society’s Reactions (ACS) have recently debunked this myth, as detailed by Medical Daily reporter Lizette Borreli. The food additive has been linked to the age-old “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,” but there is no strong scientific evidence proving that MSG caused the discomforts experienced by the scientist who coined the term.

“Glutamate is found in tons of common foods that are rich in protein — meat, dairy products, and vegetables all have glutamate,” say the scientists in the YouTube video, “Is MSG Bad for You?” The flavor enhancement we taste in MSG foods comes from the amino acid, l-glutamate. Glutamate occurs naturally within our bodies as we process and metabolize food, making it a very abundant and very common part of our diet. The monosodium part in MSG is so we can easily sprinkle it on a dish.

A rule of thumb: Take MSG criticisms with a grain of salt and consume responsibly.

MSG– or monosodium glutamate– gives food an added kick of umami , the fifth basic flavor (aside from sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and bitterness) characterized by a delicious, savory taste. Although MSG has been found perfectly safe for enhancing food, the best chefs in the world do not rely on the additive; instead, they bring out the natural umami in their ingredients.

The carefully crafted, mouthwatering entrees offered by authentic Chinese restaurants in San Francisco give your taste buds an incredible epicurean experience. From simple snacks to heavy dishes, each major ingredient and seasoning is meticulously selected and combined to produce appetizing courses that keep you coming back for more.

To relish an interesting mix of natural umami goodness, try classic and contemporary Chinese food. Bite into crunchy egg rolls, fried prawns, and other Mandarin-style dim sum and dumplings, and don’t forget to dip them in their complementary sauce. Have a taste of tangy, saucy dishes like Dong Po pork or Szechuan-style chicken.

Renowned chefs like Chef Han of Chili House use only the freshest, high-grade meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, spices, and condiments to cook meals that are bursting with flavor. You don’t even have to go all the way across the world to experience it. You only need to visit the finest Chinese restaurants in San Francisco to satisfy that Chinese food craving.

(Source: Food Myth Debunked: Why MSG Chinese Food Criticisms Should Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt , Medical Daily, Aug 26, 2014)

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