Peking Duck vs. Donald Duck – Infographic

Peking Duck is one of the world’s most iconic dishes, dating back all the way to the early 14th century and the Yuan Dynasty. But can Peking Duck lay claim to the title of “world’s most famous duck”? In our infographic below, we size up the formidable Peking Duck against a younger but very worthy competitor: Disney’s Donald Duck.

In our research, we found that Donald Duck is very strong in a number of areas. With nearly 370,000 Google searches of his name per month worldwide, and an estimated 533 mentions per day on Twitter, Donald gets talked about more often than Peking Duck .

However, with the wisdom that comes from being nearly 700 years old, along with a searing hot internal temperature of 375 degrees Farenheit, Peking Duck won’t be giving up his crown easily.

Ultimately, we’ll call this one a draw, as Google Trends research shows varying levels of interest for the two ducks depending on location. In Australia, Peking Duck actually trends higher than Donald Duck, while in the Netherlands and Norway, people apparently can’t get enough of Disney’s animated quacker.

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peking duck vs donald duck infographic

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