Slim Down By Eating Traditionally At San Francisco Chinese Restaurants

Han Lijun

People looking to shed more weight may look at a traditional Asian method of eating as a supplement to their slim-down routines. With the help of several studies about slow eating, it has been found out that eating with chopsticks effectively aids weight loss over time. As writer Jamie Logan notes:

Controlling your caloric intake is the foundation of successful weight loss. When you eat more slowly, you give your brain enough time to register that your stomach is full, which can help you eat less. While certain foods – like sandwiches – can’t be eaten with chopsticks, using chopsticks to eat other foods will help train you to eat more slowly and consciously.

Of course, there is no better place to eat with chopsticks than at several Chinese restaurants in San Francisco , the likes of Chili House. Weight loss by eating with chopsticks relies heavily on one concept to work – eating slowly. According to Dr. Lowen Rabosnoff, Ph.D., director of the Chopstick Weight Loss Center Inc. (CWLCI), weight loss and weight gain are both dependent on eating speed, and that using chopsticks forces a person to eat slower and in smaller amounts.

During a meal, a person’s stomach sends signals to the brain, indicating that it is already full. However, it takes about 20 minutes for these signals to reach the brain, by which time, the person would’ve already chowed down on another serving. This explains why most overweight people are speed-eaters; the lag time makes it difficult for them to judge if they are really full or not.

Eating with chopsticks not only forces people to eat slower, but also be more conscious about what they actually eat. Even if people learn how to efficiently handle chopsticks to eat rice or meat with, the amount will still be limited as compared to the spoon and fork, thereby effectively resulting in inadvertent lower calorie intake. This is a fairly simple premise, but effective nonetheless.

With this information at hand, local San Francisco Chinese restaurants are the places to go to for people looking to slim down. Enjoying authentic Chinese cuisine isn’t really authentic in itself if they’re not eaten using traditional chopsticks, after all.

(Source: How to Lose Weight by Eating with Chopsticks,, April 6, 2013)

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