Chef’s Recommendations

Spicy Steamed Fish

Peking Duck

Dong Po Pork

Ma Po Tofu, Noodle & Potsticker

Ma Po Tofu

Spicy Crab

Xiao Long Bao

Chicken w/ Explosive Chili

Fresh Fish Fillet w/ Peppercorn

Century Egg with Grilled Tiger Skin Jalapeno

Nian Pi Noodles

Szechuan Chili Lamb

Exquisite Chinese Cuisine from a World -Renowned Chef

Do you want to try the food Chinese presidents like? Try our signature dishes! You won’t be surprised to see that every table has ordered them.

When you are craving Chinese food, our delicious dishes are sure to curb your appetite. We pride ourselves on providing authentic, distinct Chinese cuisine. From traditional Szechuan dishes to more adventurous frog or pig feet dishes, we have everything you need to meet your culinary preferences.

Other Chef Recommended Dishes

  • Our executive chef recommends guest try our House Special Fresh Filet Boiled in House Spicy Sauce, and Hand Pulled Noodle, Hot Pot Pork Belly, Do Po Pork, Mapo Tofu, Potsticker, Mu-Shu Pork and Crab. We are always happy to discuss in detail with you our most popular dishes or any featured dishes.


  • To enjoy a traditional Chinese element, savor a cup of Green Wuron or Jasmine Tea with your dish. Otherwise, we provide a host of more American options, such as soda, Budweiser, and wine.


  • From Egg Rolls to Pot Stickers, we ensure your culinary experience begins right. Our appetizers also include “cold appetizers,” which range from Pancake with Beef to a Fish Filet in our House Spicy Sauce to Bitter Melon with Honey to Szechuan Style Chicken to Vegetarian Goose.
  • Perhaps nothing defines Chinese food as strongly as our rice and noodles. We offer Dan Dan Noodle, Chicken, Shrimp, Beef and Vegetable Chow Mein, Vegetable Fired Rice and Steamed Rice.

Hot Pots

  • If you are looking for a personal pan of hot goodness, try our hot pots. From our Hot & Spicy Fish Hot Pot to our Beef Hot Pot, these dishes are searing and satisfying.

Hot & Spicy

  • Our hot and spicy dishes are a big draw. We offer everything from Frog with Flaming Chili Oil to Pork Feet with Flaming Chili Oil to Tender Fish Filet Boiled in Szechuan Pickled Mustard Broth. We also provide more “mainstream” Chinese food options such as Spicy Beef or Stir Fried Chicken.


  • We offer such traditional favorites as Hot and Sour Tofu Soup, Wonton Soup, Egg Flower Soup, Chicken with Cream Corn Soup, and more!


  • From Kung Pao Prawns to Fresh Crab with Ginger and Scallions, you will be able to enjoy the delicious seafood variety that comes from being located near the San Francisco Bay.

Chicken & Duck

  • We offer many popular chicken and duck dishes which include Chicken with Explosive Chili Pepper, Tea Smoked Duck, Kung Pao Chicken, Cashew Nut Chicken, Orange Flavor Chicken and Broccoli Chicken.


  • If you’ve got a good hankering for pork, you’ve come to the right place! We offer an abundant variety of pork dishes which include: Mu-Shu Pork, Sweet & Sour Pork, and more.

Beef & Lamb

  • Looking to enjoy some dark meat? Our lamb and beef cuisine includes: Mongolian Beef, Szechuan Beef, Orange Flavor Beef, Broccoli Beef, Mushroom Beef, and more.

Vegetables & Tofu

  • If you are a vegetarian, we provide several nourishing menu options. From the Vegetables Delight to Kung Pao Tofu to Eggplant with Basil, we can satisfy both your palette and your diet requirements.

Rice & Noodle

  • Perhaps nothing defines Chinese food as strongly as our rice and noodles. We offer Dan Dan Noodle, Chicken, Shrimp, Beef and Vegetable Chow Mein, Vegetable Fired Rice and Steamed Rice.

Try one of our tasty dishes today!

To get a more comprehensive look at our menu options, check out our full menu. We promise you that if you come check out our cuisine today, you will not be disappointed!

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